Electronic Payment Guidelines


E-payment can be effected as follows:

  • Direct Debit
    1. Individual Taxpayers should provide their bank account number and date of payment on the payment screen to be able to effect payment through Direct Debit.

    2. Companies should fill in a "PLACH Direct Debit Application Form" available here and send it to MRA or contact the MRA Service Counter. MRA will send the form to banks for approval.

    3. At least 14 days should be allowed for the form to be approved. Once the Form has been approved, companies can pay their taxes by giving their Direct Debit instructions on the payment screen. Taxpayers, who have already filled in and sent the new "PLACH Direct Debit Application Form" to MRA, need not fill in a new "PLACH Direct Debit Application Form".

    4. For more information on Direct Debit Payment Facility, click here

  • Credit Card
    1. Online Payment of tax by credit card is available where the tax payable does not exceed Rs 25,000.

      We accept MasterCard / Visa ONLY for the payment of Individual Income Tax.

      Credit Card Privacy Policy